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Hand drill, impact drill, hammer, electric ho the difference
Date:2017/5/17 Publisher:GEOX Hits:605

  1: hand drill and impact drill distinction: hand drill can only be suitable for drilling metal, wood, or screws and other operations, can not play concrete. Impact Drill In addition to drilling metal, wood, brick walls, ordinary concrete for drilling operations.

  2: Impact Drill and Hammer difference: Impact Drill In addition to drilling metal, wood, the brick wall, ordinary concrete drilling operations, but if it is to strengthen the concrete pouring, the impact of drilling drilling will be more strenuous, the impact of Drill can not wear walls (because the impact of drilling by two impact gears impact each other impact friction, and hammer is the impact of the cylinder piston movement, so hammer impact force is much larger than ordinary impact drill) If you want to compare the hard Concrete boring requires high drilling efficiency, either for long periods of drilling in concrete or for penetration of the wall.

  3: But for the family, the impact drill is more suitable for home users, although the hammer can play the wall can also be installed on the pole chuck can also be blacksmith, but the hammer mounted chuck ironsmith accuracy effect is not impact drilling, Because the hammer is best suited to fight the wall operations, and the impact drill appears to function more widely, if you own a small point of doing something to the wall to drill a small hole hanging things, that impact drill is the best choice for home users.

  4: impact drill use points: the impact of drilling only when playing in the wall when the impact of gear stalls, and other time all electric drill stalls. Impact drill can play tiles, the use of points: Method 1: You can directly use the impact drill bit tiles, Method 2: If the novice is afraid to break the tile, you can use the ceramic drill to drill the tiles. Tile corner of the most easy to crack, this time you can first use the glass drill to break through the tile (the use of glass drill bit must be added water), and then hit the concrete with the impact of drill bit. Drill holes must be noted when the direction of the rotation of the drill chuck, turn to the right is the right turn, the hole must be forward, or reverse not only do not play, easier to break the bit (home installation pendant needs level of precision alignment, Recommended the use of laser ground instrument)

  5: If the customer chooses 2 to use the hammer (hammer and electric drill function), when playing the wall work, only need to insert the drill directly to the hammer can use, if use the electric drill function, for example, hit the iron to hit the wood and so on, must use After the use of the process, we note that those who use the drill function installed on the post and chuck, the stalls must be placed on the electric drill stalls, do not hang in the impact of stalls, or Then the rod is very easy to be hit deformation, resulting in the consequences of stuck rod.


  6: electric ho What does it mean: If you want to buy hammer, just to drill in the concrete, do not need other features, then you can choose a single function hammer. (Electric hammer function is the impact of the machine light, the drill does not turn on the walls, tiles and other shaving shovel, chisel knock operations for the electric ho, if the customer needs this feature, select hammer electric ho 2 with type)