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Overview and use characteristics of electric drills
Date:2018/7/21 Publisher:hx2019 Hits:513
An electric drill is a kind of electric tool used to drill holes in various materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc. It is a rotary tool equipped with a drill chuck to drill holes. Generally, there are several kinds of electric drills, including universal electric drills, magnetic Base drills, wood drills, diamond outer drills with water source, rhinestones, and dry drills.
The electric impact drill is also called an electric impact drill. The electric impact drill is a tool designed to drill holes in concrete, masonry and similar materials. Its shape and structure are similar to that of an electric drill, but there is an internal impact mechanism. Under the action of the axial external force, the rotating output main shaft produces axial impact movement. It can have an accessory device that makes the impact mechanism inoperative for use as an ordinary electric drill.
What are the characteristics of the electric drill handle?
1. When the electric drill is working, it needs a certain amount of axial pushing force. Generally, the force is applied with the help of a handle.
2. The structure of the handle varies with the size of the electric drill. Generally, it is an electric drill that uses a motor shell as the handle.
3. The 6mm electric drill generally adopts a gun handle structure
4. 10mm electric drills generally adopt a ring-type rear handle structure, and some add a screw-connected side handle on the left side
5. 13·23mm electric drills generally adopt a double-sided handle structure with a rear bracket. One side of the handle is directly cast into the casing or connected into a whole with screws, and the other side is connected with a conical thread.
6. Some 13~23mm electric drills relying on the thrust of both hands are not enough, but also use the rear bracket to use the chest or the bar to increase the force.
Seven, the electric drill above 32mm adopts double-sided hand pomelo shank structure, and has a feeding device to obtain greater thrust.