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Precautions for the use of electric hammer
Date:2019/1/11 Publisher:hx2019 Hits:508
The use of electric hammers also has a certain dangerous nature, and it not only requires concentration when using it. Also pay attention to the following points. Let's take a look, have you noticed these places when using the electric hammer? If not, then you must improve it. In order to achieve better results.
1. When standing on a ladder or working at a height, it is necessary to take protective measures against falling from height.
2. When working at high places, pay full attention to the safety of objects and pedestrians below, and set up warning signs when necessary.
3. Don't let go of the electric hammer when it is rotating, so as not to cause danger.
4. The electric hammer needs to use the side handle and both hands to prevent the arm from spraining the arm when it is blocked.
5. When the electric hammer is drilling holes, the electric hammer drill needs to be pressed against the working surface before starting the operation.
6. Use an electric hammer to strike slowly. The electric hammer must be perpendicular to the working surface, and the electric hammer is not allowed to swing from side to side in the hole. So as not to twist the electric hammer and drill bit.
7. When starting the electric hammer, you only need to pull the trigger switch. When the pressure on the trigger switch is increased, the tool speed will increase. Loosen the trigger switch to turn off the power tool, continue to operate, pull the trigger and then Push the trigger lock button. If you want to stop the power tool in the locked position, pull the trigger switch to the end and then release it.
8. When drilling holes in concrete, large masonry and other materials, press down the screw pin, turn the action mode switch button to the mark, and use a twist drill or a wood drill.
9. When drilling holes in wood, metal and plastic materials, press down the rotary latch, rotate the action mode switch button to the mark, and use a twist drill or a wood drill bit.
10. When the electric hammer is running under load, do not rotate the action mode switch button to avoid damage to the electric hammer.
11. In order to avoid excessive wear of the mode switching mechanism, make sure that the action mode switch button is at any selected position of the action mode.
12. Don't apply too much force to the electric hammer, generally lightly press it, and it is strictly forbidden to pressurize with wooden bars.
13. Keep the electric hammer at the target position and take care to prevent it from slipping away from the borehole.
14. When drilling deep holes, you need to pay attention to the chip removal of the electric hammer drill, withdraw the electric hammer drill in time, and drill repeatedly. Don't rush forward. In order to prevent the difficulty of chip generation, the electric hammer drill will heat and wear and reduce the drilling efficiency.
15. When the hole is blocked by fragments or fragments, do not apply further pressure. Instead, you need to use the power tool to idle immediately, and then pull out a part of the drill bit from the hole. Repeat the operation several times to remove the debris in the hole. The rubble is removed and normal drilling is resumed.
16. The electric hammer is a 40% intermittent work system and cannot be used continuously for a long time.
17. Electric hammer operation has a large vibration, which will damage the surrounding structures to a certain extent.
18. Pay attention to the sound and temperature rise during operation. If abnormalities are found, stop the machine for inspection immediately.
19. Electric hammer operation time is too long, when the temperature rise of electric hammer exceeds 60 degrees, it needs to be stopped, and it can be operated again after natural cooling.
20. During operation, do not touch the drill bit, etc., if it is found to be abraded, damaged, etc., it needs to be shut down or replaced immediately before the operation can continue.
21. When drilling a hole with an electric hammer, you only need to hold the handle and the auxiliary handle firmly with both hands, and use their own weight to feed, without applying axial pressure. When drilling in other directions, you only need to apply a slight axial pressure. , If the force is too large, it will affect the drilling speed and affect the use of electric hammer and electric hammer drill.
22. Try required drilling operations for hole formation. You can install the positioning rod, adjust the drilling depth, and then tighten the fastening nut.