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Maintenance of power tools
Date:2019/8/27 Publisher:hx2019 Hits:617
The maintenance of power tools includes in-use maintenance, normal storage, regular inspections, regular tests, regular inspections, etc. The specific contents are as follows:
01. Normal use is maintenance. The user of the power tool should master the correct use method to avoid the operation of the parts of the power tool caused by the wrong operation, thereby reducing the failure rate and prolonging its service life.
02. Keep it clean during use, and pay attention to prevent debris from entering the power tool to cause damage to the parts.
03. The use of power tools should be cleaned of dust and oil in time, stored in a clean and dry place, not in an environment containing corrosive gas, and not suitable to be stored in a place that is often exposed to direct sunlight.
04. Electric tools should be inspected and tested regularly. The specific content is the same as the maintenance steps. In a general environment, a comprehensive inspection and test should be performed at least once a quarter.
05. It is necessary to shorten the inspection and test cycle in hot places with large temperature differences, and check and test in time during the rainy season.
06. The brushes and commutator parts of single-phase series-excited electric tools should be overhauled and replaced regularly.
07. Power tools should be disassembled and repaired regularly, check the internal components for looseness, fall off, operation, etc., clean the bearings and replace the lubricating oil, generally once a year.