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The three elements of power tools use to improve work efficiency!
Date:2020/4/16 Publisher:hx2019 Hits:451
Let this article add a little change to the homework you repeat every day!
I work repeatedly every day, from morning to night, but my work hasn’t improved much.
Busy all day long, but no sense of accomplishment?
In fact, these problems are easy to solve, you only need to learn to use the tools in your hand.
Let's take a look at how to use the tools in hand to improve work efficiency!
01, get ready
The first step before starting a day's work is to control all interference factors. Therefore, we need to sort out our tools and working environment.
Construction site: Keep the construction site clean and bright, and remove the flammable liquid, gas or dust placed in the construction site.
Electrical safety: The plug of the electric hammer must match the socket. The plug must not be modified in any way, and wires must not be used indiscriminately.
Personal safety: Prepare safety devices, wear goggles, dust masks, safety helmets, non-slip safety shoes and other devices. Dress appropriately and do not wear loose clothes or accessories.
Power tools: Check whether the power tools are operating normally before use, ensure that the drill bits used must be sharp, reduce the resistance of the whole machine, and improve efficiency.
02. Choose the right tool according to the actual situation
Different working environments, choosing the right tools is more important
Such as: decoration, decoration is a big project, drilling and grooving the wall is necessary work, plus other tasks. To be honest, there are not many good tools, you are embarrassed to say that you are engaged in decoration.
Here, I have to bring up this universal multifunctional electric hammer NZ30, which can be hammered, drilled, chiseled, and three on one machine. It not only saves two tools, but also improves work efficiency. The drill bit, twist drill, flat shovel, and tip shovel can be switched at will to enter the next task. It saves a lot of time compared to replacing electric picks and electric drills with electric hammers.
For example, in the rough room, there are small raised pieces of mud that make the decoration work a little difficult. Are you still using the traditional way, using a small shovel to level it bit by bit?
Manual shoveling efficiency is too low, and the tools are too heavy. It is better to take a look at the small electric pick of the able person. The 2.9KG lightweight electric pick can be done quickly. Install a flat shovel and plug in the power supply, which is much more efficient than a manual shovel.
03. Fully use the functions of electric tools
At work, special situations can be treated specially to achieve better results. This requires you to have enough familiarity with your tools and their functions can be used freely.
Such as: 360. Rotatable auxiliary handle. You don’t have to stick to the rule of 90 degrees, it’s better to get the force at an angle of 45 degrees to the left.
Such as: the variable lock knob changes the direction of the shovel and the angle of the tip of the shovel. For grooving in some special environments, want to test the flexibility of your body? It is better to change the direction of the flat shovel. 360-degree adjustable, 45-degree, 90-degree, 180-degree, you can turn where you want to turn the flat shovel head direction, work more easily and efficiently.
On the first day of work, the editor compiled the above points to improve work efficiency.
If you complete the above points and use them freely, it means that you can complete your homework more easily and efficiently than others every day.
So, try it tomorrow...