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Precautions for installation of electric hammer rotor
Date:2020/10/22 Publisher:hx2019 Hits:432
1. When the electric hammer rotor is installed, it is best to measure whether the resistance of the stator coils is close. If the difference is too large, you need to repair the stator before installing the rotor, otherwise the motor may burn out the rotor again without turning work.
2. After the rotor is installed in place, be sure to check the position of the brush and the commutator from the hole in the brush holder, otherwise the rotor must be adjusted in the axial distance or the brush must be treated (mostly cut a corner) before it can be used.
If it is found that the cross section of the brush cannot be completely in contact with the commutator, the position of the commutator that cannot be touched by the brush can be sawed away with a saw blade, otherwise it will affect the commutation. You can also change the installation position of the bearing to make it appropriate. Adjust the position of the rotor, that is, change the position of the commutator, try to make the contact area between the brush and the commutator larger.
3. A genuine and high-quality electric brush must be replaced when the electric hammer rotor is replaced. The brush is one of the important parts that determine the service life of the rotor. Be sure to replace the high-quality brush with the same brand and specification, and ensure that the brush moves up and down in the brush holder without jamming, and has good contact with the commutator.
4. Check whether the rotation of the electric hammer rotor after repair is consistent with the one before repair. If it is not the same, you can adjust the connection position of the two tension springs on the stator and the brush holder to change the rotation of the electric hammer rotor. In addition, observe The spark is lagging beyond the normal standard. If the spark does not exceed the normal standard, it will not affect the service life of the electric hammer rotor. If the spark exceeds the normal standard, it means that the electric hammer stator is faulty and the service life of the electric hammer rotor will be extremely short.
5. The electric hammer rotor needs to be tested after being installed. It must be noted during the test that no-load operation of single-phase series motors is absolutely not allowed because of no-load operation. The rotating speed of the electric hammer motor will be very high, and even "speeding" will occur, which will damage the motor and even cause a personal accident.
6. Before installing the electric hammer rotor, be sure to clean up the foreign objects in the stator cavity (such as wave washers, residual commutator segments and bearing balls, copper enameled wire melted beads, old electric brush carbon bodies, etc.), otherwise the electric hammer rotor coils are very difficult. Will soon be broken.
7. High-quality bearings should be used on the rotor of the electric hammer. There is a rubber sleeve between some bearings and the casing. Most of the rubber sleeves are put into the bearing chamber first, and then the rotor is pulled in by hand. The stator should be ensured when assembling. , The rotor does not rub.
8. For the damaged electric hammer rotor, if the brushes are running on the edge of the commutator, adjust the position of the electric hammer rotor when replacing the electric hammer rotor so that the brushes are in contact with the middle part of the commutator as much as possible.
9. Some new rotors do not have a fan and need to be removed from the old rotor for use.