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Precautions for the use of electric picks
Date:2021/10/23 Publisher:hx2019 Hits:1471
The impact of electric picks is much larger than that of electric hammers. It can be used for concrete crushing, gouging, excavation and chipping. The electric pick is an impact device composed of an eccentric shaft, a connecting rod, a compressed air piston and an impact piston, which passes through the eccentric shaft. The connecting rod drives the compressed air piston to reciprocate in the cylinder, so that the hammer head hits the end of the tool with a higher impact frequency, so that the hammer head impacts forward. In order to improve the working efficiency of the electric pick, we should use the electric pick Pay attention to the following points:
1. In order to improve efficiency, we must always check the pickaxe. The pickaxe needs to be polished or replaced with a blunt pickaxe. Only a sharp pickaxe can improve work efficiency and ensure a good work effect. To grind the pickaxe, you can use a grinder. When grinding, you should keep watering and properly grasp the grinding size. Make sure that the chisel does not appear tempered, otherwise the hardness of the pickaxe will be affected.
2. The electric pick will produce large vibrations during operation, which may loosen the bolts and cause accidents or failures. Therefore, the firmness of the bolts must be checked before operation.
3. When drilling walls, ceilings, and floors, first confirm whether there are embedded cables or pipes, and pay attention to the safety of the following items and pedestrians. Do not aim the tool at anyone nearby to avoid the pickaxe flying out and causing serious personal injury.
4. The electric pick is an intermittent working tool. It is recommended to cool for 5-10min after continuous operation every 10-15min. Be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the motor when using it, and use more than two electric picks in turn when the engineering volume is large.
5. Installation and disassembly of the four-pit pick. Pull down the adjustment ring completely, and then insert the pick head into the pick clamp and insert it all the way to the head. At this time, if the adjustment ring is checked, the ring will automatically push the person back to the original position to fix the pick. Pull down the adjusting ring completely, and then pull out the pick.
6. Installation and disassembly of the hex pick. For some large electric picks, the lock pin can be pulled out and rotated 180 degrees at the same time, and then the flat side of the drill bit is facing the lock pin, inserted into the hexagonal hole, and then the lock pin is rotated 180. Clamp the drill bit. Remove the drill bit, pull the lock pin outwards, and rotate it 180 degrees at the same time. Then pull out the drill bit.
7. When the work site is far away from the power source, an extension cable with a large enough cross-sectional area should be selected, and the distance and joints should be shortened as much as possible. In Northeast China, anti-freezing cables should be used in winter, and anti-freezing sockets should be used for sockets.
8. There is a fuel tank inside the big electric pick. When erecting the tool, if you see the oil in the middle part from the sight glass of the oil gauge, it means that the oil quantity is normal. If the oil quantity is lower than the normal oil quantity, it should be refilled in time. Before refueling, use the attached wrench to remove the oil gauge, and not lose the rubber seal underneath.
9. Small electric picks should be filled with electric hammer grease, more will cause non-impact failure of the tool, and less will cause the tool to heat up and burn the internal parts.
10. When working with electric picks, you should wear safety helmets, goggles, face shields, dust masks, ear protectors, gloves, etc.
11. The pick is in a hot state during operation, and the skin cannot be touched to avoid burns.